In July 2016, We Paint Live hosted Toronto’s First Virtual Reality Art Show. Our founders, Vera and Amanda collaborated on the creation of five totally immersive virtual reality paintings. Because this technology is so new, there is no medium that we could compare it to! So in the months before the show, we dedicated ourselves to the virtual space. We are constantly thinking of new ways to immerse people in our live painting performances.  And what better way, than to create these worlds  built on every single brushstroke.  It became incredibly important for We Paint Live to share this mind-blowing technology with as many people as we could.  So we gave our guests the opportunity to actually walk through and interact with these “surrealistic environments”. We were totally blown away by the reaction of our guests !  And we can’t wait to do more with Virtual Reality artwork!  The live part if this show has come to a close, but we have a happy announcement!  All five original Virtual Reality paintings created for the premiere event are publicly available for purchase!!

Enjoy, and please send us a note about what you think! 

Note that viewing Virtual Reality painting files require HTC Vive headset and Google TiltBrush.

Each singe virtual reality painting is priced at $ 2.99 CAD + tax, a combo pack of 5 virtual reality painting files is priced at $ 9.99 CAD. Enjoy!