WPL artists are among the best of the best visual artists that the city of Toronto has to offer.

Pioneers of virtual reality art entertainment and have years of experience painting live!


Amanda Maccagnan | Toronto | Live Event and Virtual Reality Artist | We Paint Live artists

Amanda Maccagnan

Live Artist |Virtual Reality Artist

Amanda was born in 1985 in Toronto Canada. Many, many years later she graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelors degree of science. Eventually, she decided that academia was just not in her path. So she job-hopped for a few years in search of direction. In 2011 Amanda took an apprenticeship at a Toronto stained glass studio. From there creating became a part of her daily life.

Amanda’s art style and technique excelled in both mediums. Then, in 2015, she took the leap and dove headfirst into the realm of the “full time artists”.  She has since participated a number of art shows around Toronto, Live painted all over the GTA, and sold pieces across Canada!

“I’ve been painting for the joy of it for all my life. I love that I have the ability to share that joy with audiences while I’m live painting; As if my brush is dipped in pure joy.”


Vera Malitskaya | Toronto | Live Event and Virtual Reality Artist | We Paint Live artists

Vera Malitskaya

Live Artist |Virtual Reality Artist

Vera Malitskaya is a Russian artist. She was born in 1989 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In 2004, Vera entered the Republican Art College in Tashkent.  It was here that for the first time, she truly fell in love! And she fell in love with Art!

Vera has had a passionate relationship with artistic creation ever since! She successfully graduated from Republican Art College in 2007, and was continuously painting and exploring new techniques. However, she still didn’t feel ready to publicly expose her work.  In 2009 Vera started her education at the National Institute of Art and Design in Tashkent.

In 2012 Vera made the big move across the Oceans, to Ajax, Canada.  She finally felt like she was ready to publicly expose her artwork and share her vision. Since 2012 Vera has participated in numerous art shows and live painting events all over the GTA! Also, she has collaborated with many likeminded artists and photographers across Ontario.

“I love connecting to people through art. Live painting allows for this incredible opening of hearts and minds as a canvas transforms. Insecurity is thrown to the wind, and strangers are no longer strange. It becomes the most powerful sort of inspiration.”


Our Story

How it started…

Our founders, artists Vera and Amanda met in mid 2015 in association with the Emerging Toronto Artists Awards. Its was brief but memorable because they met while hanging artwork at a Toronto hotspot; The Nightowl Toronto.

Shortly after their paths were to cross again.  This time while sharing a joint passion: Live Painting in the heart of Toronto!

The rest as they say, is very recent history.

After collaborating on a 27foot mural at the very hotspot where they first met, their friendship solidified   and the foundation of an idea began. Since then artists Vera and Amanda have jumped at every opportunity to   paint live together.

“It’s so easy painting with her, I feed off her energy and passion for creativity, everyone does “ -Vera

“The most exciting part about it all is the thrill of the crowd, as well as the connections that are created between artist and audience. This type of entertainment becomes like the instant icebreaker, and works as the conversation starter. It will inspire audience to open, be curious, passionate and present!  It’s what calls us back to the crowded canvas again and again. That instant recognition of an emotion, concept or idea, that quick glimpse of a soul, through the shared experience of witnessing and even participating in the creation of art.” 

“I feel inspired by this woman! When we paint together, I know anything is possible” – Amanda

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