We paint live,  it’s our passion!

A  team of live painting and virtual reality art professionals is waiting to plan the perfect event for you! Dedicated to provide you with the best live event entertainment experience, contact us today to start planning!!  


Our mission is to bring the experience of art out of the stark white galleries, and back into the beat of daily life. Live painting is a new vision of entertainment; one that steps away from the audience being a passive observer, and moves toward a more interactive experience that engages your guests to participate in creative expression.

Vera Malitskaya - live painting and virtual reality artist

WE PAINT LIVE artists are among the best of the best visual artists that the city of Toronto has to offer and have years of experience painting live, pioneers of virtual reality and explorers of art entertainment industry!

Our artists also happen to be outgoing, super friendly and approachable, which facilitates an engaging and interactive entertainment experience.

This growing group of professionals are guaranteed to provide impeccable service, which, we should mention is also really fun, while blowing minds with their super live painting and virtual reality art ninja skills!!

Amanda Maccagnan - live painting and virtual reality artist
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The Process

Whether a bar, social club, or a fundraising event – we’ve got you covered! Our live painting and virtual reality ninja’s are standing by and following a simple planning process, we can design the perfect live painting or/and “virtual reality art” event for you, and all your wonderful guests.

Get In Touch

Phone, email, carrier pigeon… Whatever works for you really. We’ll get right back!

The Details

Tell us about your venue, your goals, your vision. What kind of event is this anyways?

Pick a Package

Oh so many choices! Pick the package that works best for your event and budget.

It’s go time!

Leave the rest to us, we’ll show up, paint our hearts out – you’ll be a better person afterwards. Guaranteed.

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“Having never hired live painters before I was a little apprehensive about the entire process, however upon meeting with Amanda and Vera I was immediately put at ease. I explained to them that I was planning an event for local foodies, farmers and chefs and I wanted to make this event an absolutely unforgettable experience for all our guests by “spicing it up” with a live painting performance. Amanda and Vera presented me with multiple concepts to choose from and worked with me to perfect them until I was completely satisfied . I must say the best thing about working with “We Paint Live” other than their friendly, punctual, and professional demeanour was their creative intuition. They understood me as a client, they were very thoughtful about incorporating my ideas with in their live painting performance and I could not be more pleased with the result. I would absolutely recommend “We Paint Live” to others seeking great entertainment for their guests!”
Bodi Klamph, EatWell.ca